"im kristen and alex is the cristina to my meredith and thats all you really need to know. also im p much a queen so you can call me queen kristen"

this blog is like 90% tw + 10% tvd + to
my multifandom blog is lexipedia

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Anonymous: "did you want a teen wolf rp? or like does it matter? because marcelineacademy-rp is a quality rp and everyone is nice, and it's worth joining"

hm i’ll check it out x

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real talk tho are there any quality rps worth joining?

Supernatural - Bloodlines

Anonymous: "do you mod comingforblood-rp?"

no bro that’s another kristen!

i don’t really do tumblr rps anymore
or tvd rps tbh

that rp is pretty a+ tho
i auditioned first time around~

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